Red Light Schools Update

Sunday, February 6, 2022 by Cherie Kaushal | Uncategorized

Hi Parents, 

At this stage teachers will only be back in Summerland, Waitakere & Western Heights.  Kaurilands, Greenbay and Glenavon are holding off for the time being which is totally fair enough.  
While it is really hard pausing the children's lesson, I know school leadership is under immense pressure with all the protocols being given to them by the Ministry of Education.  Itinerant teachers have protocols as well from the Ministry and we are following what each school has chosen to do in regards to these.

Please keep in touch, and do keep your children playing their instrument and enjoying the music they already know. Even going over old music or picking things out by ear is really fun and helps develop important Aural skills. 

Take care, and stay safe!